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After 30 years in the market, we are able to offer specialized solutions for your company´s packaging and accessories needs ranging from commercial to industrial.
Our inhouse design team analyzes and proposes the most suitable product to meet any expectation that your business may require.
Within our product range we can offer high-end artisan bags with premium materials and custom printing (offset, stamping ,uvi, reliefs)

– automatic bags
– envelopes
– textile bags,
– gift wrapping paper, silk paper
– boxes for gifts , boxes for e-commerce
– labels, cards, custom ribbons, etc .

We can also offer warehousing and distribution services to points of sale and franchise networks.

We are committed to protecting the environment and offer sustainable product with internationally recognized certifications.

You can trust us to protect and enhance your biggest asset… your image.

solutions for your company´s packaging

inhouse design team

warehousing and distribution

commitment to the environment